About The Designer…

In 2002 a frustrated 25 year old packed her bags and headed to London, chasing her childhood dream. After completing a diploma in “The London Centre for Fashion Studies” (LCFS), 6 months in a Design Studio (Gharani Strok) and many Pattern Cutting/Tailoring jobs - she set up her own Leather Goods label under the name of “EXCLUSIVELY LORNA FITZGERALD“ or “E.L.F“.

Her designs were stocked in boutiques in Covent Garden (Kaiz) and Islington (Clusaz, Rosie Brown). She sold at exhibitions and in London’s famous Portobello market.

Now having returned to her native Dublin, she has come with the intention of establishing herself here long term.

“It‘s the right time for Dublin (Ireland) now, never before has the handbag seen such celebrity status. People want different products, no longer satisfied with just the High Street. People like the idea of Originals or Limited Editions - and that‘s what I‘m all about”



About The Designs…

I guess for me it’s more about the detail than the form.
I like intricate or inviting designs rather than bare minimalism.
Depth and perspective play a large part in my designs, probably originating from my love of architecture.

I often start with quite basic bag shapes but end up altering the outline, which in turn evolves into an more unusual “End” shape.

My favourite part of the design process is the Buzz I get as things evolve, sometimes a design takes you in a new and unexpected direction!

Each of my designs represent a journey, ever changing and exciting…